Airgreen Insulation – Saving the Environment and Saving you Costs

Air-Reflect & Home-Iso

Environmentally Friendly, Save Money and Sustainable

The demand for environmentally friendly products in the construction sector is increasing. Insulation is an essential element in the renovation and new construction of buildings. With the right insulation, heating costs can be significantly reduced, home comfort increased and the value of your home increased.

Our innovative insulation products Air-Reflect and Home-Iso were specially developed for heat and sound insulation in pitched roofs, attics, suspended ceilings, and all modular construction.



Environmentally Friendly

Our products are fully made from recycled Aluminum and PET bottles, and can be recycled continually over and over again. With our insulation products we truly have a positive impact on climate change

Save Money

Airgreen’s products aim to reduce energy consumption in our buildings. The use of Home Iso and Air-Reflect will minimize the carbon emissions produced in buildings and maximize the home owners savings


Airgreen is dedicated to enriching modern living. We strive to increase our positive impact on people and society by providing products that really make a difference to the environment. Have a look at our sustainable program and see the how TWE and Airgreen is having a deep impact on recycling plastic from our oceans

Take A Look at Our Products

Home-Iso Insulation


  • Thermal & Acoustic Insulation
  • Durable: 25 year thermal performance guarantee
  • Flexible & easy to fit
  • Soft to touch and non-irritant
  • Pure, clean & odourless with no dust particles

Air-Reflect Insulation


  • 99% Pure Aluminum Foil, 30 microns;
  • Fire-resistant, dry air-bubble Polyethylene film, 150 microns;
  • Fire-resistant, closed-cell polyethylene foam film of 25kg/m3 density, 3mm thick;
  • Adhesive surface;
  • Overlapping strip, 99% pure Aluminum foil, 30 microns.