Home-Iso Insulation

The demand for environmentally friendly products in the construction sector is increasing. Insulation is an essential element in the renovation and new construction of buildings. With the right insulation, heating costs can be significantly reduced, home comfort increased and the value of your home increased. Our innovative insulation product Home-Iso was specially developed for heat and sound insulation in pitched roofs, attics and suspended ceilings, as well as partition walls in interior construction.
We offer solutions for effective thermal and acoustic insulation – as the basis for a healthy and ecological home. Our professional insulation products comply with general insulation standards, and at the same time, Home-Iso is considerably cheaper than other alternative insulation materials, such as flax or hemp for example. Home-Iso consists of multiple layers of polyester fibres which are thermally bonded at 170°C in production, creating the 100% polyester nonwoven fabric.

Thus production is achieved completely without the use of organic or chemical bonding agents. Its excellent form stability ensures durable insulation because Home-Iso keeps its shape and does not sag. This enables us to issue a 25-year guarantee on insulation performance. Home-Iso can be used entirely without protective clothing, so there is no health risk for users. Manufactured from polyester fibres, 80% of which are obtained from recycled plastic bottles, Home-Iso also delivers on ecological and sustainability aspects.

Highest quality

Home-Iso stands for consistently high quality. Our alternative insulation material is made of polyester and is uniformly produced on the most modern machines using patented technology.

Easy to install

Home-Iso protects you as a user, because it does not pollute the air with fi bers or fi ne dust. As a result, you do not need any protective equipment, which makes installation easier and more pleasant for you.

Ideal for the following building types:

Hot Climate
Flat & Pitched Roof (between rafters / joists)

• Ceilings
Between Timber & Metal Wall Studs
Partition Walls
Between Floor Joists

Product information

Home-Iso is not harmful: Due to the fiber properties and the thermal bonding there is no exposure to fine dust. Protective equipment is no longer required during installation. Irritation of the respiratory tract, eyes and skin is excluded.Home-Iso has been tested according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This confirms that the product is free of harmful substances according to the currently valid human ecological requirements. Home-Iso enables a sustainable cycle – from production to recycling.

All product benefits at a glance


Home-Iso is free from harmful substances. This ensures that you are only breathing clean air.

Thermal insulation

Home-Iso fulfi lls the latest thermal insulation regulations as an alternative stand-alone insulation material.

Noise protection

Home-Iso is characterized by its excellent sound insulation properties. It dampens sound by up to 56 dB and therefore ensures peace and quiet.


Home-Iso is exclusively thermally bonded and remains dimensionally stable for a lifetime.


Home-Iso is made from up to 80% recycled PET bottles and is 100% recyclable.





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